So a Funny Thing Happened on the Way home

First adventure arc in the new world

A month has passed since the intrepid band left the small village. They’ve been heading home to the Circle of Imbrejevki. About a day out from the town of Bovik, they came across a couple of destroyed wagons and three dead humans. The ambushers made no real attempt to hide their trail. They were able to deduce that a party of humanoids, most likely kobolds, had set upon the wagons and taken at least one hostage.

Tetsu and his druid, Kage, tracked the villains through the woods, halting at nightfall. They almost lost the trail in the morning, but managed to continue their journey. Unfortunately, the party were making no attempts at stealth and walked straight into an ambush from kobolds hiding in the trees.

After killing one with a well placed arrow that seemed to rip the reptilian heart of the beast through its back, another kobold launched a signal arrow. The paladin, who seemed to have been at a loss when his enemy wouldn’t come out of the trees to engage in honorable melee, managed to throw a dagger into another of the kobolds. This lead to the entire party congregating around the tree of the remaining kobold.

The remaining kobold fumbled on his crossbow, dropping it to the ground below. Not stupid enough to engage a bear and three demi-humans in honorable melee, it scaled the tree. An arrow that seemed destined to spectacularly end its life sunk itself into one of the mighty limbs of the tree instead.

At this point, those summoned by the signal arrow arrived. Two more kobolds, led by a third, and accompanied by a goblin arrived. Unleashing a volley of bolts and arrows, there were two hits on Bayor.

After some ferocious melee, the Kobold leader, one of the kobolds, and the goblin lay dead. The treed kobold had descended, recovered its crossbow and began firing into the melee to good effect. Kage chased after the kobold crossbowman, preventing him from continued attacks, and the remaining kobold turned to flee. Tetsu the bear pursued.

Forgetting the innate craftiness of the kobold, both Kage and Tetsu ran afoul of trip-lines that caused them to tumble. The impact from running full force and suddenly slamming into the ground rendered both Tetsu and Kage unconscious.

Despite the delay caused by an argument between Shakill and Bayor over who would guard the bear (and the possible valuables of the slain) and who would go to get Kage, Bayor managed to arrive before the kobold crossbowman could administer a coup de grace with his short spear.

Bruised and battered, the party restored Kage and Tetsu to consciousness and retreated to heal their wounds. The fate of the captive and the further dangers of the woods are still unknown.


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