Gods of Mawarui

The Gods of Mawarui can be grouped into three broad classes: The Eternals, the Greater Gods, and the Gods (it is impolite to refer to divine beings as “Lesser”).

For the most part, the Eternals are acknowledged (if known) for their roles in the lives of the people (i.e. Life is celebrated when a child is born, Death at Funerals, etc), but have no established Temples (manned), and few Shrines (unmanned). The Eternals seem unconcerned with the fates of the people, and the people reciprocate.

The Greater Gods are known and honored; however, their focus tends to be on the world and its races, rather than the individual. The God of the Forests cares about the species of deer in the forest and works for its continuance, but is less concerned with an individual deer or even a single herd. These gods may be revered under different names by different cultures, but the Sun God of the Goblins is the Same Sun God as that of the Far Eastern Humans.

Finally, we have the Gods. These are typically apotheosized beings, tied to the community from which they sprang and acting as an avatar for one of the Greater Gods. The local handmaiden of the Goddess of Agriculture, who is honored for saving the village by interceding with said Goddess, cares about the village and the individual people living there. By honoring her, they honor her Goddess and assure the bounty of their fields from generation to generation.

The Eternals

  • Order
  • Chaos
  • Death
  • Life
  • Nature
  • Time
  • War

Greater Gods

list not inclusive

  • The Sun
  • Red Moon
  • White Moon
  • Agriculture
  • Civilization/Rulership
  • Wilderness/Civilization: Guardian of the Boundaries
  • Planes: Guardian of the Boundaries
  • Home/Hearth: Guardian of the Boundaries
  • Rivers/Lakes
  • Oceans/Seas
  • The World
  • The Wilderness


These are in the millions. Details are located in Circle descriptions.

Gods of Mawarui

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