Circle of Imbrejevki

This Circle is bisected by the Klimno river. It is comprised of six towns, the capital of which is Rupa, located on the banks of the Klimno. The river itself has no natural fords, and the sole bridge across is located within Rupa’s walls. The inconvenience to the other towns is mitigated by the defensability this affords. In addition, the towns have a working gate system, allowing villagers to retreat from the remote locations in times of danger. Twice now, villagers have had to abandon their towns and retreat to Rupa. Even were the walls to fall, the bridge (another surviving artifact of the Ancients) provides a choke point which no force has broke through. This has been tested once before.

The founder of the Circle is the child of a Human and Star Archon. That lineage rules the Circle from Rupa and is the focus of the Cult of Imbrejevki, which are a part of the Gods of Imbrejevki.

The villages of the Circle of Imbrejevka include:


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