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Introduction to the World of Mawarui.

The basic premise is the classic barbarous ruins of an advanced tech/magic empire. However, the world is still pretty screwed up. The major gates have been down for centuries. Those that still function are strictly local. Magic works, but civilization is sparse. The majority of settlements are Villages with rumors of Towns “out there”. No one has heard of a City. These are often grouped into self-help organizations called Circles.

The world itself is flat, with a ring of mountains holding in the oceans. This knowledge is only known from the proceeding, and now fallen, empire. No one at the starting point of the game has even seen the ocean, let alone sailed it. The starting location is a set of villages (100-400 people in each) that have fields hewn from the old forest. The forest near the villages is relatively safe. However it gets dangerous quickly. Most of the demi-humans were killed when the empire fell. Likewise, most of the more powerful users of magic, both arcane and divine, were destroyed outright. Most of the world is dominated by savage creatures, both sentient and non.

There are two moons, a white and a red. The white moon waxes and wanes in a fortnight. The red moon’s cycle is 28 days. The year is divided into 13 months, giving a year of 364 days. There are five other bodies (other than the sun and moons) traveling the sky.

Most gods are generated via a combination of ancestor worship and apotheosis, with only a handful not having their origins in the acknowledgement and worship of the sentient species. These gods tend to be trans-cultural. The sun god is recognized as the sun god everywhere, though the connotation of the sun god is vastly different to the elf than to the goblin. All of these “upper” gods are True Neutral, mainly because their ways are wholly inscrutable.

The landscape is dotted with various ruins from centuries prior. They are either pilfered and empty save for what ever creatures may have chosen to inhabit, or dangerous beyond all ken and containing secrets undreamt of by modern minds.

I am unsure what system I will use for this world. Most of it will be system agnostic. My gut wants to use it for Lament of the Flame Princess, but I may use it with other systems as well.

The adventure will start in the group of towns known as Imbrejevki.

Main Page

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